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architectural range

Flatline Smooth

Flatline Smooth Door.jpg

available in 3 options

  • 0.75mm thick Colorsteel panel to provide a cost effective smooth door option.
  • 0.95mm thick powdercoated panel designed to ensure a flat and true appearance in a wide variety of colours.
  • 2.0mm thick powdercoated aluminium panel. The premium door ideal for coastal marine enviroments.


*powdercoat colours come standard in Matt of Mannex finish. Gloss finish is not recommended and may void warranty.

Aluminium Composite

Aluminium composite sheet (4mm thick) is bonded to either a rollformed sheet or box section aluminium frame. Provides a very strong, flat panel that can handle the hard knocks

Aluminium Composite Door.jpg

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Doorworks DC1200N Motor


Doorworks DC1200N

Key Product Features

  • Soft Start, Soft Stop operation
  • Quiet and smooth with safety reversing
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Easy Installation
  • Tidy ceiling fixing
  • Electronic limits with power fail memory
  • 3 Remotes with 4 channels

DC1200N Remotes

4 Channel remotes

Can be used as a keyring or as a sunvisor version

Remote Frequency - 433.92MHZ

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DC1200N remotes